> What is the “pill”?
> Are all formulations of the pill the same?
> What does the pill contain?
> Where do you get the hormones used for the pill?
> How does the pill work to prevent pregnancy?
> Is the pill an effective form of birth control?
> How does the effectiveness of the pill compare to a diaphragm or condoms?
> How can I get the pill?
> I smoke cigarettes. Can I take the pill?
> Is the pill safe for everyone?
> Are there any health benefits of taking the pill?
> Are there any additional benefits to the pill?
> If I don’t like the pill that I’m on, can I switch to another formulation?
> Will the pill affect any laboratory tests?
> Does the pill interact with other medications?
> Will the pill protect me from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)?
> Will taking the pill cause me to gain weight?
> I have been getting severe headaches since I started taking the pill. What
should I do?
> Are there any other reasons why I should stop taking the pill and contact my physician?
> Is breakthrough bleeding normal when taking the pill?
> Is there anything I can do to minimize breakthrough bleeding?
> Now that I am on the pill, I hardly bleed during my period. Is this okay?
> Is it normal to feel nauseated from taking the pill?
> If I vomit or have diarrhea after taking the pill, will it still work?
> Will the pill affect my sex drive?
> Can the pill cause mood swings?
> How long should I wait after giving birth before I go on the pill?
> How do I start taking the pill?
> Do I take the pill every single day?
> Is it safe to have sex during the four- or seven-day hormone break?
> I have sex infrequently. Can I just take the pill on the days I am going to have
> Is there anything I should know before I start taking the pill?
> What happens if I miss taking a pill?
> What should I do if I forgot to take my Pill?
> What if I forget to take one of the placebo pills?
> Why should I take the placebo pill?
> Will I need to take a break from the pill every few years to let my body
> Can I take the pill after age 35?
>  Will long-term use of the pill affect my ability to have a baby when I am
ready to get pregnant?
> I’ve been on the pill for five years, but now I’m ready to have a child. Do I just
stop taking the pill?
> Is a generic version of the pill the same as the brand-name version?